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EmploLeaks – Finding Leaked Employees Info for the Win

Developed by Faraday security researchers, this cutting-edge tool utilizes the power of OpenSource Intelligence techniques. EmploLeaks extracts valuable insights by scouring various platforms, to compile a comprehensive list of employees associated with a given company and cross-reference these email with databases like COMB and other internet sources, checking for potential password exposure.

Faraday started as an open-source project to become a cybersecurity company that offers a vulnerability management platform and red team services helping organizations and security teams orchestrate and automate their security process. Their strong research team has consistently presented new discoveries at DefCon and Black Hat conferences for almost five years. This past August, they presented an open source tool at Black Hat Arsenal to detect leaked passwords in companies employees.

During red team assessments, Faraday’s Red Team and Research teams found that personal information leaked in breaches can pose a significant risk to their clients. It is often the case that personal passwords are reused in enterprise environments. But even when they aren’t reused, these passwords, in conjunction with other personal information, can be used to derive working credentials for employer resources.

Collecting this information manually is a tedious process. Therefore, our Principal Research Javier Aguinaga, and Head of Security Services Gabriel Franco developed a tool that helps them quickly identify any leaked employee information associated with their personal email address. The tool proved to be incredibly useful for the Faraday team when used internally. Moreover they quickly recognized the potential benefits it could also offer to other organizations facing similar security challenges. As a result, they made the decision to open-source the tool.

EmploLeaks enables the collection of personal information through Open-Source Intelligence techniques. It starts by taking a company domain and retrieving a list of employees from LinkedIn. Subsequently, it gathers data on individuals across various social media platforms (currently developing Twitter modules and other social networks) such as LinkedIn and GitHub more, to obtain company email addresses. Once these email addresses are found, the tool searches through a COMB database (stands for compilation of many breaches, a large list of breached data) and other internet sources to check if the user’s password has been exposed in any breaches.

Also, Emploleaks is now integrated with Faraday Advance Scan, which will let you know if anyone in your company has a breached password.

“We believe that by making this tool openly available, we can help organizations proactively identify and mitigate the risks associated with leaked employee credentials. This will ultimately contribute to a more secure digital ecosystem for everyone.” says Gabriel Franco.

“Initially, we developed an internal tool that displayed great potential, leading us to make it open source. Since then, we have continually developed the tool, with the latest version recently pushed to the repository. Our current focus is on ensuring that the application flow is efficient, and we are diligently addressing any bugs that arise as soon as possible. This is an ongoing process, and we are committed to providing a high-quality tool that is reliable and meets the needs of the community. As we proceed with development, we welcome feedback and contributions from users to help us enhance the tool further.” completes Franco

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