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Ethical Hacking as a Career Option

We live in the age of science and technology. From the ball of pen to the zip of Pent, we are bound with the creations of technology. Time changed and technology made its roots strong. Nowadays we can buy each and every thing on computer with the power of internet. We can send messages, call face to face and vice versa — all these are inventions of technology. We can say life became slave of the creations of technology. The work which was impossible yesterday is easier now with the power of internet. To remain in contact with each other is now an easy job with the power of social networking and chat clients. And all of this needs just a click.

The entire world is now online. From marketing to E-marketing, from letters to E-messages each and everything is occupied by internet. Now we can buy, sell each and everything on virtual market. Virtual market is nothing more like than an imagination. It is fast and comfortable. All we need is an internet connection to remain connect with it.  Nowadays we are under the ownership of technology.
The social networking has upgraded the thinking of people. Now the dog can send and add request to cat and cat can be a friend of the rat. I didn’t mean the dogs, cats and rats use internet but that the sects and caste system are being diminished. Now a poor can send and add request to the rich or they follow each other. The power of Facebook and Twitter has helped bridge the gap. Every one, either belonging to village or belonging to the city, can access internet.

No permission is required.

As we know each and every thing has its own advantages and disadvantages. The internet or cyber world has also become perfect place for criminals. They can do their criminal activities and have no fear to be traced. We trust internet by sharing our details like bank passwords or our Facebook passwords. In past few years we heard several criminal cases regarding bank robbery, online seditious acts, E-protests and so on. We heard about credit card hacking, debit card hacking and most of the targets for hackers were websites. In Kashmir we have also heard of many hacking cases. The young generation is dependent on internet and most of them who are well versed with computers follow the path of hackers. They hack to protest or to take revenge. We have also heard of hacking of several political party portals in the past few years. Hackers targeted them and they gave birth to a new gang known as Anonymous.

The hacking is not a limited field. Hackers are of different types and divided into categories. Those who do illegal things are commonly known as black hat hackers and those who do legal things, protect companies, give security are also known as White hat hackers. Is Kashmir capable of giving birth to white hat hackers. One can become a security analyst and be rewarded by top giant technological website i.e. Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Adobe and Nokia. I can easily forecast it and say “Yes”. Our land is not lacking in talent in any field. We have hackers who can protect the upcoming small scale businesses in terms of cyber-attacks. The government portals of Kashmir, universities are lacking security in terms of cyber-attacks. If the government gives heed to it, they will for sure patch it before something wrong happens. Even in the capital city of India there were several seminars conducted to make people aware regarding such issues.

How can ethical hacking be a career option for tech- followers? We have recently heard even Google also gave jobs to those security analysts who didn’t have any degree. All they needed were their skills.

Career in Ethical Hacking 
Ethical Hacking, also known as Internet Security, is very different from traditional Security. Internet security is more on a proactive basis as compared to traditional security. While traditional security is based on catching the criminals, internet security uses Ethical Hackers that try to hack into a company/organisation before an ‘attack’ so they are able to find any weak links. Ethical Hackers are hired by companies to hack their own respective company and be able to identify any loopholes where an ill-intentioned hacker could create damage so that the company can strengthen its security and cover any loopholes. They use their creativity and skills to make the internet world of a company a foolproof and safe place for both the owners and the clients.

The government should setup such institutions where a skilled person will be highly trained and his skills used before he or she misuses them. The government should also conduct awareness programs regarding cyber-attacks.

Source : greaterkashmir.com

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