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FinDOM-XSS – A Fast DOM Based XSS Vulnerability Scanner With Simplicity

FinDOM-XSS is a tool that allows you to finding for possible and/ potential DOM based XSS vulnerability in a fast manner.

$ git clone

Dependencies: LinkFinder

Change the value of LINKFINDER variable (on line 3) with your main LinkFinder file.

To run the tool on a target, just use the following command.

$ ./

This will run the tool against Or if you have a list of targets you want to scan.

$ cat urls.txt | xargs -I % ./ %

The second argument can be used to specify an output file.

$ ./ /path/to/output.txt

By default, output will be stored in the results/ directory in the repository with name.


Source : KitPloit – PenTest Tools!

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