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Galer – A Fast Tool To Fetch URLs From HTML Attributes By Crawl-In

A fast tool to fetch URLs from HTML attributes by crawl-in. Inspired by the @omespino Tweet, which is possible to extract src, href, url and action values by evaluating JavaScript through Chrome DevTools Protocol.


from Binary

The installation is easy. You can download a prebuilt binary from releases page, unpack and run! or with

__ _ _(_ ) __ _ __
/'_ '\/'_' )| | /'__'( '__)
( (_) ( (_| || |( ___| |
'\__ '\__,_(___'\____(_)
( )_) |
\___/' @dwisiswant0

from Source

If you have go1.15+ compiler installed and configured:

▶ (sudo) curl -sSfL | sh -s -- -b /usr/local/bin

from GitHub

▶ GO111MODULE=on go get


Basic Usage

Simply, galer can be run with:

▶ git clone
▶ cd galer
▶ go build .
▶ (sudo) mv galer /usr/local/bin


▶ galer -u "http://domain.tld"

This will display help for the tool. Here are all the switches it supports.

-u, –urlTarget to fetches (single target URL or list)
-e, –extensionShow only certain extensions (comma-separated, e.g. js,php)
-c, –concurrencyConcurrency level (default: 50)
–in-scopeShow in-scope URLs/same host only
-o, –outputSave fetched URLs output into file
-t, –timeoutMaximum time (seconds) allowed for connection (default: 60)
-s, –silentSilent mode (suppress an errors)
-v, –verboseVerbose mode show error details unless you weren’t use silent
-h, –helpDisplay its helps


Single URL

▶ galer -h

URLs from list

▶ galer -u "http://domain.tld"

from Stdin

▶ galer -u /path/to/urls.txt

In case you want to chained with other tools:

▶ cat urls.txt | galer

You can use galer as library.

subfinder -d domain.tld -silent | httpx -silent | galer

For example:

▶ go get


  • Enable to set extra HTTP headers
  • Provide randomly User-Agent
  • Bypass headless browser
  • Add exception for specific extensions

Help & Bugs

If you are still confused or found a bug, please open the issue. All bug reports are appreciated, some features have not been tested yet due to lack of free time.


galer released under MIT. See LICENSE for more details.


Current version is 0.0.2 and still development.


id_ID/gäˈlər/ — kalau galer jangan dicium baunya, langsung cuci tangan, bego!


  • Omar Espino for the idea, that’s why this tool was made!

Source : KitPloit – PenTest Tools!

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