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Gmail will soon let you pay bill straight from your inbox.

Google is reportedly developing a new Gmail feature that will allow users to receive and pay bills directly from their email inbox. The new project is called Pony Express, though that could be an internal code name; Google could go in a different direction with branding when Pony Express launches to consumers.

The service works as a setup asking the user for personal information – including name, address and Social Security – to provide to a third party which would verify his or her identity. Depending on the bill, the user may have to provide a credit card or account number too.

Once that’s done, bills can be paid right within Gmail or Inbox, the company’s other email app that puts a greater focus on organization and surfacing messages that are timely or important.

You can pay these bills with a debit card, credit card, or bank account. Your bills will be organized into a designated folder as well. To keep things nice and neat, and available in case you need to access them in the future.

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