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Google removes 13 Android apps from Play store : Here is the List

The search engine giant Google has removed 13 malicious apps from the Google Play store. The company took this step after it was notified by the security researcher that these apps made unauthorized downloads to the Android devices.
These apps try to get the root privileges and when given they copy numerous device files to the system partition that remains untouched even after factory resetting the device. A security researcher named Chris Dehghanpoor from Lookout disclosed the malicious files. The researcher stated that the apps boosted high download numbers and automatically posted positive reviews on the Play store.

The list of apps removed from the Google Play store includes
  • Honeycomb,
  • Just Fire
  • Cake Blast
  • Crazy Block
  • Drag Box
  • Tiny Puzzle
  • Jump Planet
  • Ninja Hook
  • Piggy Jump
  • Eat Bubble
  • Hit Planet
  • Cake Tower
  • and Crazy Jelly.

Dehghanpoor further stated that the best way to get rid of the malware is to re-flash a ROM supplied by the device’s manufacturer. He further explained that the malware authors made use of different names and techniques to see what app could be published in the Play store while flying under the radar.

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