How To Create Your Own Run Commands In Windows

Most of the PC users are habitual of using windows OS. Have you ever wondered why?? There is no special reason behind it. The very basic reason behind it is its simplicity and very easy to use. Another reason is it comes with many amazing features.


Then what is this run command we are talking about? It is nothing separate  but just another feature of Windows OS, that allows you to open any program or application by simply typing a single command, that is also helpful in saving lot of our time. Therefore, it becomes a very essential tool especially when it is about finishing  your work on time.


Many PC users feel that these specific commands are already programmed in Windows OS and they can not be moulded which is a complete false. This is the reason why I have written this blog which shall be talking all about creating your own run commands in windows enabling you to open your desired program and that too in a lesser time being consumed. There is no dearth of Run commands provided by windows but these are very difficult to remember . Hence, in such case its very important to know how to create your own rum command.  Below are given the steps..!! Go through them !



The very first instruction says that you will have to select a program or an application for which you wish to create your own Run command.


After this step, next step asks you to right- click on the desktop and creating a new shortcut.

Now, a new dialogue box will make its appearance before you in which you are required to enter the path of your desired program or application for which you are taking all this effort of making a Run command.

Once you find the path of your specific program or application, then the next step is to click NEXT and enter the name to your short cut. Okay, there is one thing that you need to keep in your mind which is that the name you are providing in the shortcut is the same name that will be used as a Run command. For instance, if you name the short cut as BoD, then you will have to enter the same name or same words in the Run command in order to make the application work. The final step is- clicking the Finish button.

Having followed all these steps sincerely, copy that newly created shortcut and paste it in Windows main directory that is very often C:\Windows.


So, this is it. Your task has been completed. Here is your new run command which is all set to be used by you to start your desired application or program, simply by typing the name of your created shortcut in the Run command and the best part is no more time wastage. You can save your precious time at least on this.


We hope this compilation of all the steps help you with your new run commands and its efficient and smooth functioning. Do not forget to share your experience with us or give is any feedback. We would be glad to hear from your side.

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