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How to detect and remove keylogger from your computer

From the past days Many readers ask me to post that How to detect keylogger from our computer or laptop. Today you will learn how to detect keylogger and remove it from your computer.


System Protecting Tricks:

Steps to remove or detect key-logger from your computer:

  1. You should trace the behavior of you PC in order to find the common virus symptoms because the keylogger symptoms have much in common with the symptoms of other computer infections. We can refer slow computer performance, new icons on your desktop or in tray, network activity and unexpected pop-ups to these symptoms. Also you can notice that the text that you type can appear with little delay – this is the direct symptom that will help you in keystroke logger detection.
  2. Open Task Manager in order to end the process of the installed keylogger. You should know that not every keylogger can be found in Task Manager. Many of them hide their traces. But you should still check the possibility to end its process:
  • Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE, and then select Task Manager in the menu.
  • Select Processes tab, scroll the list. Find the process that is called winlogon.exe. One process with such a name is a normal thing, but if you have 2 processes with the same name, then you have a keylogger.
  • Highlight the second winlogon.exe and click End process (you should end only the second process with such a name).

If there is just one process with such a name, then you should check all other processes, using the special services that contain information about most of the processes to detect the malicious one. You can use Liutilities, Neuber or any other service that you know.

If you end the process that belongs to keylogger, then the program is deactivated till the next reboot and the third party will not get your personal information.

  1. You should also look through the list of the installed programs. So, click Start menu, then All programs, try to find there the program that you did not install. Uninstall such programs.
  2. How to detect keylogger? You can also detect this malicious program with the help of Startup list. So, you should follow the instructions:
  • Press Windows+R buttons, then type msconfig in the line and press Enter.
  • Select Startup tab and disable all the unknown programs.
  • Then restart your computer.
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