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Indian Hackers Attack Pakistani Websites In Response To Pathankot Terror Attack

An Indian hacking collective named Indian Black Hats has defaced multiple Pakistani websites. This Kerala-based group has dedicated the attack to the little daughter of a Pathankot terror attack martyr. The group told fossBytes, “Harming is not our aim..but if anyone pick their eyes on our mother India..we stand for it”.

In response to Pathankot terror attack, an Indian hacking group has attacked multiple Pakistani websites, including Pakistan Bar Council’s website.The hackers have dedicated these attacks to the 18-month old daughter of Pathankot terror attack martyr, National Security Guard (NSG) officer Lieutenant Colonel Niranjan Kumar. This hacking attack was carried out by Indian Black Hats group based in Kerala.

The hacked websites include:


A member of the Indian Black Hats said: “Harming is not our aim..but if anyone pick their eyes on our mother India..we stand for it”.

On the defaced websites, this hacker collective has posted this message

This Attack is dedicated for VismayA, the daughter of NSG Commando Lt Col Niranjan!! A Big Salute from team IBH To the familys of brave soldiers who lost their life in Pathankot Attack!! A Small Tribute to those Brave Soldiers who Laid their Precious Life for our Country and our People!!

RIP Brave Souls of Pathankot !! We Are Proud Of You Guys !! Bharat MaataKi Jai !! Vande Matharam !!

We forgive…

We forget..

Don’t Expect Anything from us.. !!

With F**K FrOm: Ind_Cod3r & L!u M!nyu

When asked about the extent of hacking and access to the database of hacked website

“Yes we have full access to their database through which we had the admin info and get into their server”. – IBH

For those who don’t know, Indian Black Hats (IBH) is an Indian hacking collective that started in 2011 with name Indian Cyber Devils.

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Source : FossBytes

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