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India’s KFC website targeted by hackers

India’s KFC website  has been targeted by 16 years old hacker Zukr@in! on Friday.

The hacker decided to gain access to the fast food site and post a message on the website.

The hacker just want to inform to the KFC officials that they aren’t secure there website as needed.

According to Zukr@in!, KFC is very high profile website in the field of fast foods so when he tried to check the security he found a security flaw and instead of gaining a illegal access he just post a message on that website regarding this security flaw.

The hacker left a slightly cryptic message on the site, which read:

hEYA aDMIN secure your website … Zukr@in Was Here !! I will not leak this vulnerability !! have a nice day brother …… and atlast … your website is hacked by a 16 year old boy

At the time of posting this article the website defaced message  is still displayed 


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