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Internet Without Data Connection? Use Pangea With Data-Over-Voice

Life without internet is nearly unimaginable in the recent times. It is hardwired and deep-rooted into our daily life and routine. Everyone needs to access internet for myriad reasons, but the reality is that don’t all have access to it. As it is said where there is a problem, there are solutions to it as well. Same is true in this case.

Pangea has taken the initiative to get the unconnected people online by using a
much familiar concept in a brand new way: sending and receiving data over infrastructure used to send voice calls. It should be noted that a promising startup named Outernet is already providing free internet in many parts of the world.

The idea may seem to be obsolete, yet it is much promising and far more intricate. Their method involves turning data into a sound wave, modifying it to a human voice to a Telco’s end, and then retrieving it back to data on the user’s device.

Every single time the user wants to send an email or check twitter, it will make a call (nearly 10 sec) and transfer the requested data at up to 64 kilobits per second. For now, Pangea is only available for text content but co-founder Vlad Iuhas said that over time, it will provide full android experience but it can be a bit slower.

To get access to internet through Pangea, one requires installing an app on the phone which is yet again problematic as the user has to use internet. The startup’s intermediate solution is to have an initial user in a city or town who downloads the app and then transfers it to the village residents via Bluetooth or such media.

The company is planning to open service in Nigeria this summer, working with one of the Africa’s largest wireless carriers. If that goes well, the company will deploy the service across the continents in near future.

They are surely aiming high as they aspire to connect each and everyone around the globe. The task is obviously not so easy, but living in a world brimming with possibilities and opportunities, everything is possible. So, we are looking at this tech with lots of excitement and expectancy and wish its success.

Find out more about Pangea project here and tell us your opinion through comments.

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