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Looking For PHP Code Generators? Here Are 8 Good Ones!

Content PHP, the server side scripting language is very popular at what it does thanks to an impressive set of features that this open source programming language brings to the table. Code generators are a valuable resource for website developers making their task easier by leaps and bounds. As such it is essential to be familiar with the good ones!


Tool that allows the use of a graphical interface accessed directly via browser. Using ScriptCase, PHP developers can generate complete online applications. ScriptCase is web oriented, it can be installed in a server in the internet.


PHP and AJAX code generator that allows you to easily generate the PHP scripts connected through MySql database. ScriptArtist helps you save a lot of developing times to create the completed CRUD operations, easily generates web forms (email or contact form) retrieved information from either database fields or user-defined fields and many more.


AppGini helps you develop responsive web database applications instantly. You do not need to have any programming background to use it. Just define your database, set some options, click the Generate button, and you’re done.


Powerful automation tool that can generate a full set of PHP quickly from MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle databases. Using PHPMaker, you can instantly create web sites that allow users to view, edit, search, add and delete records on the web.

5.PHP MySQL Wizard

With no programming experience, the amazing tool can be used to create web apps made entirely from your MySQL database. Unlike similar web database applications, this will let you to distribute the code made using the tool.


Generates PHP code for displaying/editing MySQL tables in HTML. All you need to do is to write a simple calling program. It includes a huge set of table manipulation functions (record addition, change, view, copy, and removal), table sorting, filtering, table lookups, and more.

7.php Form Builder

Form (php code) generator for a MySQl table. you can make own php MySQl forms. You will be able to manage a MySQL database using a web based interface. CRUD

grocery CRUD is a library that makes a developer’s life easier. Just few lines of code and you can create a full stable CRUD with nice views. A totally automatic system that even a newbie in PHP can work with.

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