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MAAD-AF – MAAD Attack Framework – An Attack Tool For Simple, Fast And Effective Security Testing Of M365 And Azure AD

MAAD-AF is an open-source cloud attack tool developed for testing security of Microsoft 365 & Azure AD environments through adversary emulation. MAAD-AF provides security practitioners easy to use attack modules to exploit configurations across different M365/AzureAD cloud-based tools & services.

MAAD-AF is designed to make cloud security testing simple, fast and effective. Through its virtually no-setup requirement and easy to use interactive attack modules, security teams can test their security controls, detection and response capabilities easily and swiftly.


  • Pre & Post-compromise techniques
  • Simple interactive use
  • Virtually no-setup requirements
  • Attack modules for Azure AD
  • Attack modules for Exchange
  • Attack modules for Teams
  • Attack modules for SharePoint
  • Attack modules for eDiscovery

MAAD-AF Attack Modules

  • Azure AD External Recon (Includes sub-modules)
  • Azure AD Internal Recon (Includes sub-modules)
  • Backdoor Account Setup
  • Trusted Network Modification
  • Disable Mailbox Auditing
  • Disable Anti-Phishing
  • Mailbox Deletion Rule Setup
  • Exfiltration through Mailbox Forwarding
  • Gain User Mailbox Access
  • External Teams Access Setup (Includes sub-modules)
  • eDiscovery exploitation (Includes sub-modules)
  • Bruteforce
  • MFA Manipulation
  • User Account Deletion
  • SharePoint exploitation (Includes sub-modules)

Getting Started

Plug & Play – It’s that easy!

  1. Clone or download the MAAD-AF github repo to your windows host
  2. Open PowerShell as Administrator
  3. Navigate to the local MAAD-AF directory (cd /MAAD-AF)
  4. Run MAAD_Attack.ps1 (./MAAD_Attack.ps1)


  1. Internet accessible Windows host
  2. PowerShell (version 5 or later) terminal as Administrator
  3. The following PowerShell modules are required and will be installed automatically:

Tip: A ‘Global Admin’ privilege account is recommended to leverage full capabilities of modules in MAAD-AF


  • MAAD-AF is currently only fully supported on Windows OS


  • Thank you for considering contributing to MAAD-AF!
  • Your contributions will help make MAAD-AF better.
  • Join the mission to make security testing simple, fast and effective.
  • There’s ongoing efforts to make the source code more modular to enable easier contributions.
  • Continue monitoring this space for updates on how you can easily incorporate new attack modules into MAAD-AF.

Add Custom Modules

  • Everyone is encouraged to come up with new attack modules that can be added to the MAAD-AF Library.
  • Attack modules are functions that leverage access & privileges established by MAAD-AF to exploit configuration flaws in Microsoft services.

Report Bugs

  • Submit bugs or other issues related to the tool directly in the “Issues” section

Request Features

  • Share those great ideas. Submit new features to add to the MAAD-AFs functionality.


  • If you found this tool useful, want to share an interesting use-case, bring issues to attention, whatever the reason – I would love to hear from you. You can contact at: [email protected] or post in repository Discussions.

Source : KitPloit – PenTest Tools!

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