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MacOSThreatTrack – Bash Tool Used For Proactive Detection Of Malicious Activity On macOS Systems

The tool is being tested in the beta phase, and it only gathers MacOS system information at this time.

The code is poorly organized and requires significant improvements.


Bash tool used for proactive detection of malicious activity on macOS systems.

I was inspired by Venator-Swift and decided to create a bash version of the tool.

OneLiner command

curl | bash

Gathered information

[+] System info
[+] Users list
[+] Environment variables
[+] Process list
[+] Active network connections
[+] SIP status
[+] GateKeeper status
[+] Zsh history
[+] Bash history
[+] Shell startup scripts
[+] PF rules
[+] Periodic scripts
[+] CronJobs list
[+] LaunchDaemons data
[+] Kernel extensions
[+] Installed applications
[+] Installation history
[+] Chrome extensions


  1. Saving output as JSON instead of printing out the result.

Source : KitPloit – PenTest Tools!

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