Mini Power Cardboard Batteries Power Your Phone On-The-Go

Designer Tsung Chih-Hsien has created a Mini Power portable charger concept, which recently was named 2014 Red Dot Awards: Design Concept winner.

Based on paper battery technology, Mini Power will be able to be recharged and recycled at any convenience store that sells them.

Unlike conventional portable chargers that are bulky, Mini Power is designed to be a much smaller volume portable charger.

It has small capacity which is just enough for urgent use, and comes in three different capacities, ranging from two to six hours of charging time.


A tiny environmentally friendly cell with a micro USB or Lightning connector attached to it, its small size makes it very convenient, and allows for it to be purchased in a long strip, where chunks of power could be torn off and used when needed.

Keep an eye out for Mini Power in the future, as I’m confident it (or a concept like it) will soon be made available.

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