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Multiimate – and something new in the Social Internet World

The internet can seem like a winner-takes-all game – which you win when your brand becomes a verb. There is only one search engine, one auction site, one encyclopedia… and one social network. Since Facebook shrugged off Bebo and Myspace, it has had few direct competitors. Twitter succeeded with a slightly different model, but few have challenged Mark Zuckerberg’s colossus head-on.

The latest wannabe to break the surface is Multiimate,  “Multiimate is a simple and  beautiful social network,” reads its manifesto. “Multiimate doesn’t sell ads. Nor do we sell data about you to third parties.” Founded by some design-minded Indians, led by Rahul Jha.

There is double ‘i’ [multIImate] in the name which suggests that every individual has two identities one in the real world and one in the world of internet (virtual world).

So just not waste time and get your internet identity right now

It takes less than 25 seconds to sign up and in just 25 seconds you get most awesome things of world.


The services of include.


#genuine account to each user

#liinedrive a online locker to store your personal belongings

#Anonymous page a page to post and comment with hidden identity

#clean and most attractive design of profile page

#three sliding bio-mate covers

#unique fin just update the fin into address bar and land to your friends profile

#fmarket virtual share market

#iclubs make private chats that no one can see and add members to your club

#many privacy and security features.

#create ‘#’ tags and find related posts on the site

#propose and poke your friends and even know their virginity

and many more…

Already get free access to other services like (url compressor), (smart dictionary) and much awaited

You get all of these in just 25 seconds….

Basically we are giving you identity on internet

Broadcast you self on the net..

Things that you would need to join us.

Email a valid email to get your account details and get your account verified.

Name, Gender, Birthday that’s all…. In case you don’t know your name, gender, or birthday just look at any valid id card :p or ask mama.


The website is developed by a college student and a group of people working really hard to make it really helpful and enjoyable for you people.

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