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Multiple ways to track android cell phone

Since the mobile phone technology has made its way to the next level everyone these days love to have android cell phones in their hands connected to the internet. The smartphones are need of the hours and people use it for so many reasons. Today business communities are at the top using android cell phones and gadgets to grow their business by taking the direct feedback from the clients and customers via cell phone calls and text messages. On the other hand, parents provide their teens and kids android smartphones for their safety likewise when they are at school or have gone on some kind of journey without parents cell phones are the best tech –gift to keep.

Loved ones can interact with their lovedones no matter at what state or country they are at the moment. However, thereis a number of parents and employers that really want to track android cellphones for digital parenting and to make the check on android digital devicesof employees at the workplace. Today, I am going to tell you multiple ways to trackandroid cell phone by using a piece of tech in terms of cell phone trackingapp.

Install Cell phone tracking app to monitor Android 

All you need todo is to install TheOneSpymobile phone spy app on the target android device in order to getmultiple tools to have multiple ways to monitor android. Let’s discuss thesteps in the following.

Step1: Subscribe for an android spy app

First andforemost you need to visit the official website of the cell phone surveillancesoftware and then get the subscription. Moreover, when you have got thesubscription then you will receive an email such as passcode and ID.

Step2: Get Physical Access on the target device

Now get physicalpossession of the target android device and get started with the installationprocess. Once you have ended up with the process of installation then you needto activate it on the target device. While you are dealing with the activationa pop –up message appears on the android screen. It will provide end userassistance to make android tracking powers into a sneaky one. Now activate iton the target device and move towards the next step.

Step3: Login to online control panel

Now use thecredentials such as passcode and ID and get access to the web portal and visitthe multiple features of android monitoring appthat gives you multiple ways to track android. Let’s discuss all the featuresthat have multiple powers to monitor android.

Use android surveillance software to have multiple ways oftracking

Call Recording

The end user canrecord and listen to the incoming and outgoing calls in real –time and furtheryou can save the recorded calls data over the web.

Surround Monitoring

The end user canremotely control over the target device MIC and record and listen to thesurround sounds using MIC bug app. Moreover, the end user can remotely controlthe target android device front and back camera to record surround visualsusing a spyvidcam bug. However, you can capture photos remotely with the camerabug app.

Text messages monitoring

The end user canread text messages sent/received using text messages spy and further you canmonitor SMS, MMS, and heads up notifications.

Live Screen Recording

You can performlive screen recording on the target android device using live screen recordingapp for android. It empowers you to make back to back short videos of thescreen that you can view by getting access to the online control panel. You cando multiple types of screen recording in terms of chrome screen recording,YouTube screen recording, email screen recording, and SMS screen recording,social media screen, and password chaser.

IM’s Social Media

You can monitorsocial media apps and get the logs in terms of text messages, textconversations, audio, and video conversations shared media such as photos andvideos and Voice messages.

Email Monitoring

The end user cantrack sent/received emails of Gmail on the target android cell phone or gadgetsusing email monitoring app.


Cell phonetracking app empowers end user track android cell phone in multiple ways.

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