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Nim-Loader – WIP Shellcode Loader In Nim With EDR Evasion Techniques

a very rough work-in-progress adventure into learning nim by cobbling resources together to create a shellcode loader that implements common EDR/AV evasion techniques.

This is a mess and is for research purposes only! Please don’t expect it to compile and run without your own modifications.


  • Replace the byte array in loader.nim with your own x64 shellcode
  • Compile the EXE and run it: nim c -d:danger -d:strip --opt:size "loader.nim"
  • Probably adjust which process you want to inject into by looking in the .nim files of the injection folder method you’re using…

Completed Features

  • Direct syscalls dynamically resolved from NTDLL (Thanks @ShitSecure)
  • AMSI and ETW patching (Thanks @byt3bl33d3r)
  • NTDLL unhooking (Thanks @MrUn1k0d3r)
  • CreateRemoteThread injection (Thanks @byt3bl33d3r, @ShitSecure)

WIP Features


  • Consider using denim by @LittleJoeTables for obfuscator-llvm nim compilation support!

References & Inspiration

  • OffensiveNim by Marcello Salvati (@byt3bl33d3r)
  • NimlineWhispers2 by Alfie Champion (@ajpc500)
  • SysWhispers3 by klezVirus (@KlezVirus)
  • NimPackt-v1 by Cas van Cooten (@chvancooten)
  • unhook_bof.c by Mr. Un1k0d3r (@MrUn1k0d3r)
  • NimGetSyscallStub by S3cur3Th1sSh1t (@ShitSecure)
  • NimHollow by snovvcrash (@snovvcrash)


Source : KitPloit – PenTest Tools!

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