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Nivistealer – Steal Victim Images Exact Location Device Info And Much More

Steal Victim Images Exact Location Device Info And Much More

Features of Nivi-Stealer:

  • Steal Ip
  • Steal Device Info
  • Uses Device Gps to steal exact location
  • Steal pic from front camera
  • Send logs to discord also save them locally in a txt file
  • Works on android,windows,linux,mac os
  • Uses iframe to load live website to make phishing attack more reliable

How to use?

Method 1 :

  • Clone or Download this repo
  • Create a account on any webhosting site that provide ssl . I suggest a free webhosting site called
  • Now upload index.html,sunni.php,post.php on your webhosting site
  • Now open index.html and replace this with your discord webhook url
  • Boom !!! . Now send the phishing link to your victim . Logs will be send to your discord webhook and also saved to sensitiveinfo.txt file

Method 2 :

  • Clone the repo and navigate to python_flask directory
  • open your terminal and type pip3 install colorama pip3 install flask
  • Now edit this line with your url
  • Now type python Boom !!!
  • Images and log file will be saved locally on your directory

Source : KitPloit – PenTest Tools!

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