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Not too fast: PM Modi’s office using an average internet speed of 34Mbps

The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) is running on a speedy internet connection, using a 34Mbps internet line, according to an RTI application.Speaking to the Times of India, the RTI applicant Vinoth Ranganathan, co-founder of, said that as a Prime Minister, he ought to have better internet connectivity considering in the US, Google Fibre provides 1Gbps to regular citizens.

According to Akamai’s State of the Internet report for Q2 2014, India is ranked 115 in the world with an average internet speeds of almost 2Mbps. That is the lowest average internet speed in the Asia-Pacific region. In comparison, the South Korean average internet speeds hover around 24.6Mbps.

A recent RTI query has brought to light the fact that the Prime Minister’s Office of India makes use of a 34Mbps Internet connection at the workplace. This is an interesting fact considering that the average Internet speed for the entire country was recently found to be 2Mbps.

The RTI application in question was made by none other than the co-founder of, Vinoth Ranganathan. The Prime Minister’s Office, in its reply, has conveyed that it is provided with an average of 34Mbps Internet speed by the National Informatics Centre (NIC).

Ranganathan has pointed out that a Startup Village in Kochi is currently benefitting from 1Gbps connectivity which makes it almost 30 times faster than the speed of the PMO. He also mentioned that the much loved Google Fiber connections in the US can be accessed by normal citizens with 1Gbps speeds as well.

In August, the Centre approved the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ambitious Digital India project at Rs 1 lakh crore to ensure high-speed internet access to all villages and is expected to be completed by 2019.

The RTI reply from PMO also said: “Client computer works on Windows 7/Windows 8 and server works both on Windows and Linux.”

“The computers at the PMO continue to work on Windows 7/ Windows 8 even after the Edward Snowden episode.

The Narendra Modi government plans a Rs1-lakh crore initiative under its Digital India programme in the next five years to improve internet and mobile connectivity in the country.

Communications and Information Technology minister, Ravi Shankar Prasad, recently stated at the ‘Digital India’ conference that sectors like e-commerce could emerge a big industry due to the broadband connectivity and high speed internet in various parts of the country, the report said.

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