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novoShield Emerges From Stealth With Mobile Phishing Protection App

With an enterprise-grade iPhone protection app, mobile phishing defense firm novoShield has come out of hiding.

According to novoShield, the new solution was created to shield organizations and end users against the rising amount of phishing attempts.

With its real-time protection solution, novoShield seeks to address the considerable rise in cybercrime, including phishing, brought by the Covid-19 pandemic’s migration to remote work.

With the help of on-screen indications, novoShield’s solution keeps track of mobile users’ surfing activity to spot harmful websites and prevent them from accessing them.

“novoShield’s pioneering technology tackles the threat head on, taking the guesswork and security risks out of the equation without sacrificing privacy, mobile speed or functionality. We are excited to launch our first product and enable smartphone users to continue to work, play, and connect on their smartphones at home, at work and everywhere in between without risk,” novoShield CEO and co-founder Bat El Azerad said.

According to novoShield, the application runs in the background without recording web browsing activities, processing information typed into websites or disclosing information to outside parties.

NovoShield hasn’t specified a release date for the Android or PC versions of the product, although they are reportedly also planned. The Apple AppStore already has the iPhone application.

Source : HackerCombat

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