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Options for Passing Microsoft MS-101 Exam and Importance of Using Reliable Exam Dumps

Any company that needs to succeed has to adopt enterprise-related technology. The Microsoft Corporation is in the center of developing technology such as Microsoft 365 that favors efficiency within organizations. At the same time, Microsoft is a lead institution in issuing IT exams and certifications to IT newbies and professionals worldwide. Recently, role-based credentials were unleashed to validate specialists with industry-standard skills. One of them is the Microsoft 365 Certified Enterprise Administrator Expert certification.

Overview of Microsoft 365 Certified Enterprise Administrator Expert Badge

This is an expert-level one, which targets Microsoft 365 administrators who are tasked with the management administration and deployment of 365 services. Getting this badge involves two main steps:

  • You need to have one of the six prerequisite credentials available on the Microsoft certification dashboard.
  • Then you need to pass exams MS-100 and Microsoft MS-101 Exam Dumps .

Test MS-100 validates skills in Microsoft 365 Identity and Services. On the other side, exam MS-101, which is our focus in today’s article, is about Microsoft 365 Security and Mobility.

More about Microsoft MS-101

As mentioned earlier, the AZ-300 Exam targets an administrator with talent in managing, evaluating, planning, deploying, and migrating services on Microsoft 365. The skills assessed by this exam include:

  • Ability to tackle issues of security, compliance, identity, and supporting technologies;
  • Understanding of Microsoft 365 workloads like Skype and SharePoint, among others;
  • Capability to deploy modern device services;
  • Managing Microsoft 365 compliance and governance;
  • Implementing security and threat management in Microsoft 365.

In the main assessment these domains will be evaluated in the form of 40-60 questions of such formats as build lists, multiple-choice, best answer, and short answer, if to name some. The time allocated to finalize the test is 2 hours and 30 minutes. What is more, to enroll for MS-101 you’ll have to pay 165 USD.

Ways to Boost Your MS-101 Prep?

To easily overcome the MS-300 Exam Questions , you need to choose the best exam preparation options. Here, we will share with you a number of those alternatives:

  • Exam dumps

Exam dumps encapsulate exam questions and topics from tests similar to the one you are about to tackle and give you a sneak peek of the actual assessment. Reputable websites offer exam dumps compiled by IT professionals who have profound knowledge of what the main assessment entails. When it comes to reliable dumps, it is important to choose trusted platforms like You can decide to purchase their MS-101 Premium Bundle which goes for $39.97. This package includes an expert-validated exam dump with 180 questions and answers, a 524-page study guide, and 82 video lectures. In addition, you can opt for their free vce files for Download MS-101 that were uploaded by the recent examinees who did the test and shared their insights into it. All in all, using exam dumps comes with multiple benefits. For instance, they speed up your revision process, get you into the exam mood, boost your confidence, and supplement other revision methods.

  • Instructor-led training

You can prepare for your MS-101 through the official training with a qualified instructor, which is offered by Microsoft and lasts for 5 days. The tutor will take you through a thorough teaching process of the skills tested in your MS-101. It is the best option to use since you will have an opportunity to follow every step which the instructor is taking. As a result, you will manage to build your practical skills and knowledge because you implement every concept as per the directions of your teacher.

  • Study groups

Studying with multiple individuals is an excellent option to consider. This is because you might have plenty of people with different strengths brought together. The solutions to your weak points are also available readily within the group. Besides, you will also get a chance to share the preparation materials which each individual has been using.

  • Community forums

While studying, you may come across a lot of challenges. However, community forums like the Microsoft Learning Community can help. All you have to do is to post your question. Anyone online could help you. Moreover, you may find important revision materials posted by your colleagues or peers. As a result, through online forums & communities you can connect with several individuals on the platform and study together online as a group or team.

  • YouTube video tutorials

YouTube is a good information archive. You can still do part of your revision on YouTube tutorials. Just like instructor-led courses, you have a chance to watch every step taken to achieve the final answer. As you maneuver through YouTube videos, it is very important to choose the videos based on the number of views and positive comments.

  • VCE Exam Simulator

The 98-364 VCE is an exam simulation tool. It mimics the main test environment and allows you to create your own assessments, edit them, and take them in a setup similar to that of the actual exam. Moreover, you’ll become a better time manager and a more confident exam-taker. This software will be perfect to combine with the dumps from, as they are in the vce format.

Career Prospects

With the Microsoft 365 Certified Enterprise Administrator Expert badge, you will open doors to best job vacancies as Microsoft credentials are recognized as prestigious ones. And according to you’ll be able to get the average salary of$96,679 annually.


There are multiple opportunities and perks for anyone with the Microsoft 365 Certified Enterprise Administrator Expert credential. So put your effort and pass the Microsoft MS-101 to finally earn this badge. The cost is significantly meager than the benefits. All you need to do is to take your time to enroll for your assessment, get ready for it with Click here trustworthy exam dumps, pass the necessary test/s, and get your certification. Good luck!

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