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OS.js Is A New Javascript Based Open Source Operating System Running In Your Browser

OS.js is a free and open source operating system that runs in your web browser. Based on Javascript, this operating system comes with a fully-fledged window manager, ability to install applications, access to virtual filesystems and a lot more. Read more to know about the OS in detail.

Did you ever wish to use an operating system that ran just like a website inside your web browser? OS.js, a JavaScript-based open source operating system designed for the cloud, is here to provide you this facility.On its website, OS.js describes itself as a Javascript web desktop implementation for you browser. As a preconceived notion, you might assume that a browser-based operating system won’t be of any use as it would lack some basic functionalities. However, OS.js is here to surprise you. This browser-based OS comes with a fully-fledged window manager, GUI toolkits, filesystem abstraction, and Application APIs.

The simple and neat homepage of the operating system has many complex things going in the backyard. Using drag and drop, multitasking is a smooth process.

OS.js comes with a range of applications to help you write, paint, listen to music and watch videos, play a couple of games, use the calculator, and write emails. Adding new applications through repositories is always an option inOS.js with extra applications like PDF viewer, XMPP Chat, Google Mail, Google Contacts, Tetris, and Wolfenstein3D.


Oh, and also it just takes 3-4 seconds to load.

OS.js is completely free and open source. This means you can add your own contributions and customize it according to your need.  Using the Virtual Filesystem, uploading, downloading, and modifying files using Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive is made possible. The operating system also comes with support for Google API Javascript, and Windows Live API.

Watch the demo video below:

This operating system works in any modern browser and all platforms.

To know more about the OS and for using it right now, visit their website –OS.js

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