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PingRAT – Secretly Passes C2 Traffic Through Firewalls Using ICMP Payloads

PingRAT secretly passes C2 traffic through firewalls using ICMP payloads.


  • Uses ICMP for Command and Control
  • Undetectable by most AV/EDR solutions
  • Written in Go


Download the binaries

or build the binaries and you are ready to go:

$ git clone
$ go build client.go
$ go build server.go



./server -h
Usage of ./server:
-d string
Destination IP address
-i string
Listener (virtual) Network Interface (e.g. eth0)


./client -h
Usage of ./client:
-d string
Destination IP address
-i string
(Virtual) Network Interface (e.g., eth0)

Source : KitPloit – PenTest Tools!

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