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Pocsploit – A Lightweight, Flexible And Novel Open Source Poc Verification Framework

pocsploit is a lightweight, flexible and novel open source poc verification framework

Pain points of the POC framework in the market

  1. There are too many params, I don’t know how to get started, but only some of them are commonly used.
  2. YAML poc framework(like nuclei & xray) is not flexible enough. the conversion cost is very high when writing poc. Sometimes it’s hard when encountering non-http protocols. (only hex can be used)
  3. Sometimes POC has false positives, which can be avoided by accurate fingerprint matching.
  4. It is heavily dependent on the framework. Poc in pocsploit can be used in the framework and can also be used alone.

Advantages of pocsploit

  1. Lighter, does not depend on the framework, a single poc can run
  2. Easier to rewrite Poc
  3. More flexible (compared to nuclei, xray, goby, etc.)
  4. Fewer false positives, providing fingerprint prerequisite judgment, you can first judge whether the site has the fingerprint of a certain component, and then perform POC verification, which is more accurate
  5. There are many ways to use, providing poc / exp
  6. Detailed vulnerability information display
  7. Poc ecological sustainability: I will continue to update the Poc to modules/, and welcome everyone to join us Contribute Poc

Encountered code/poc issues, please Submit issue

Poc Statistics



Install requirements

pip3 install -r requirements.txt
  • poc to verify single website
python3 -iS "http://xxxx/" -r "modules/" -t 100 --poc
  • specific poc
python3 -iS "http://xxxxx" -r "modules/vulnerabilities/thinkphp/" --poc
  • exp to exploit many websites (with urls in a file)
python3 -iF "urls.txt" -r "modules/vulnerabilities/" --exp
  • Turn on fingerprint pre-verification, verify the fingerprint first, and then enter the poc verification after matching
python3 -iS "http://xxxxx" -r "modules/vulnerabilities/thinkphp/" --poc --fp
  • Output to file & console quiet mode
python3 -iS "http://xxxx" -r "modules/vulnerabilities/" --poc -o result/result.log -q
  • Other Usage
python3 --help



Please config conf/

P.S. How to build your own DNSLog,please visit Hyuga-DNSLog

  • DNSLOG_URI: DNSLog Address
  • DNSLOG_IDENTIFY: your identity

Source : KitPloit – PenTest Tools!

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