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Pyxamstore – Python Utility For Parsing Xamarin AssemblyStore Blob Files

This is an alpha release of an assemblies.blob AssemblyStore parser written in Python. The tool is capable of unpack and repackaging assemblies.blob and assemblies.manifest Xamarin files from an APK.


Run the installer script:

python setup.py install

You can then use the tool by calling pyxamstore



I recommend using the tool in conjunction with apktool. The following commands can be used to unpack an APK and unpack the Xamarin DLLs:

apktool d yourapp.apk
pyxamstore unpack -d yourapp/unknown/assemblies/

Assemblies that are detected as compressed with LZ4 will be automatically decompressed in the extraction process.


If you want to make changes to the DLLs within the AssemblyStore, you can use pyxamstore along with the assemblies.json generated during the unpack to create a new assemblies.blob file(s). The following command from the directory where your assemblies.json file exists:

pyxamstore pack

From here you’ll need to copy the new manifest and blobs as well as repackage/sign the APK.

Additional file format details can be found on my personal website.

  • Python3 support (working on it!)
  • DLLs that have debug/config data associated with them

Source : KitPloit – PenTest Tools!

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