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QuadraInspect – Android Framework That Integrates AndroPass, APKUtil, And MobFS, Providing A Powerful Tool For Analyzing The Security Of Android Applications

The security of mobile devices has become a critical concern due to the increasing amount of sensitive data being stored on them. With the rise of Android OS as the most popular mobile platform, the need for effective tools to assess its security has also increased. In response to this need, a new Android framework has emerged that combines three powerful tools – AndroPass, APKUtil, RMS, and MobFS – to conduct comprehensive vulnerability analysis of Android applications. This framework is known as QuadraInspect.

QuadraInspect is an Android framework that integrates AndroPass, APKUtil, RMS and MobFS, providing a powerful tool for analyzing the security of Android applications. AndroPass is a tool that focuses on analyzing the security of Android applications’ authentication and authorization mechanisms, while APKUtil is a tool that extracts valuable information from an APK file. Lastly, MobFS and RMS facilitates the analysis of an application’s filesystem by mounting its storage in a virtual environment.

By combining these three tools, QuadraInspect provides a comprehensive approach to vulnerability analysis of Android applications. This framework can be used by developers, security researchers, and penetration testers to assess the security of their own or third-party applications. QuadraInspect provides a unified interface for all three tools, making it easier to use and reducing the time required to conduct comprehensive vulnerability analysis. Ultimately, this framework aims to increase the security of Android applications and protect users’ sensitive data from potential threats.


  • Windows, Linux or Mac
  • NodeJs installed
  • Python 3 installed
  • OpenSSL-3 installed
  • Wkhtmltopdf installed


To install the tools you need to: First : git clone

Second Open a Administrative cmd or powershell (for Mobfs setup) and run : pip install -r requirements.txt && python3

Third : Once QuadraInspect loads run this command QuadraInspect Main>> : START install_tools

The tools will be downloaded to the tools directory and also the and setup.bat commands will run automatically for the complete installation.


Each module has a help function so that the commands and the discriptions are detailed and can be altered for operation.

These are the key points that must be addressed for smooth working:

  • The APK file or target must be declared before starting any attack
  • The Attacks are seperate entities combined via this framework doing research on how to use them is recommended.
  • The APK file can be ether declared ether using args or using SET target withing the tool.
  • The target APK file must be placed in the target folder as all the tool searches for the target file with that folder.


There are 2 modes:

└─> F mode
└─> A mode

F mode

The f mode is a mode where you get the active interface for using the interactive vaerion of the framework with the prompt, etc.

F mode is the normal mode and can be used easily

A mode

A mode or argumentative mode takes the input via arguments and runs the commands without any intervention by the user this is limited to the main menu in the future i am planning to extend this feature to even the encorporated codes.

python --target <APK_file> --mode a --command install_tools/tools_name/apkleaks/mobfs/rms/apkleaks

Main Module

the main menu of the entire tool has these options and commands:

SET targetSET the name of the targetfile
START install_toolsIf not installed this will install the tools
LIST tools_nameList out the Tools Intigrated
START apkleaksUse APKLeaks tool
START mobfsUse MOBfs for dynamic and static analysis
START andropassUse AndroPass APK analizer
helpDisplay help menu
SHOW bannerDisplay banner
quitQuit the program

As mentioned above the target must be set before any tool is used.

Apkleaks menu

The APKLeaks menu is also really straight forward and only a few things to consider:

  • The options SET output and SET json-out takes file names not the actual files it creates an output in the result directory.
  • The SET pattern option takes a name of a json pattern file. The JSON file must be located in the pattern directory
SET outputOutput for the scan data file name
SET argumentsAdditional Disassembly arguments
SET json-outJSON output file name
SET pattern The pre-searching pattern for secrets
helpDisplays help menu
returnReturn to main menu
quitQuit the tool


Mobfs is pritty straight forward only the port number must be taken care of which is by default on port 5000 you just need to start the program and connect to it on over your browser.


AndroPass is also really straight forward it just takes the file as input and does its job without any other inputs.


The APK analysis framework will follow a modular architecture, similar to Metasploit. It will consist of the following modules:

  • Core module: The core module will provide the basic functionality of the framework, such as command-line interface, input/output handling, and logging.
  • Static analysis module: The static analysis module will be responsible for analyzing the structure and content of APK files, such as the manifest file, resources, and code.
  • Dynamic analysis module: The dynamic analysis module will be responsible for analyzing the behavior of APK files, such as network traffic, API calls, and file system interactions.
  • Reverse engineering module: The reverse engineering module will be responsible for decompiling and analyzing the source code of APK files.
  • Vulnerability testing module: The vulnerability testing module will be responsible for testing the security of APK files, such as identifying vulnerabilities and exploits.

Adding more

Currentluy there only 3 but if wanted people can add more tools to this these are the things to be considered:

  • Installer function
  • Seperate tool function
  • Main function

Installer Function

  • Must edit in the config/
  • The things to consider in the installer is the link for the repository.
  • keep the cloner and the directory in a try-except condition to avoide errors.
  • choose an appropriate command for further installation

Seperate tool function

  • Must edit in the config/ , config/, config/
  • Write a new function for the specific tool
  • File handeling is up to you I recommend passing the file name as an argument and then using the name to locate the file using the subprocess function
  • the tools must also recommended to be in a try-except condition to avoide unwanted errors.

Main Function

  • A new case must be added to the switch function to act as a main function holder
  • the help menu listing and commands are up to your requirements and comfort

If wanted you could do your upgrades and add it to this repository for more people to use kind of growing this tool.

Source : KitPloit – PenTest Tools!

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