Information Security, Social Media, Technology now live: Is this uncensored social media site the next big thing in online free speech?

You are now living in an era of extreme censorship of truthful news,”sensitive” topics are systematically censored by all online news and social media sites.

As a result, interest in alternative non-censored social media is exploding, and there are two uncensored services you need to learn about and start using as your primary news feeds.

The news stories you’ll see on these services are AMAZING and reflect the real state of affairs happening in the world, not the sanitized news you’re allowed to see on corporate-run services like Google News which cater to government-controlled news sources is an uncensored social media site that also protects your privacy. FB spies on you and even runs psychological experiments on its users, but does nothing of the kind. Click here to sign up right now with — it’s free to use.

There are already thousands of members and it’s growing by the day.. If you’re tired of being controlled by FB and you want full access to real, independent news of what’s happening in our crazy world, join now.

Every alternative media publisher should start using right now.
It’s the destination of choice for those who seek truth in an age of extreme censorship and disinfo. If you know an alternative news publisher, encourage them to sign up and start posting on today.

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