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APKDeepLens – Android Security Insights In Full Spectrum

APKDeepLens is a Python based tool designed to scan Android applications (APK files) for security vulnerabilities. It specifically targets the … 0 46
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RemoteTLSCallbackInjection – Utilizing TLS Callbacks To Execute A Payload Without Spawning Any Threads In A Remote Process

This method utilizes TLS callbacks to execute a payload without spawning any threads in a remote process. This method is inspired by Threadless … 0 92
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Sicat – The Useful Exploit Finder

Introduction SiCat is an advanced exploit search tool designed to identify and gather information about exploits from both open sources … 0 129
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GDBFuzz – Fuzzing Embedded Systems Using Hardware Breakpoints

This is the companion code for the paper: ‘Fuzzing Embedded Systems using Debugger Interfaces’. A preprint of the paper can … 0 133
ADOKit, Downloads, Hacking Tools, Toolkit, X-force, Yara

ADOKit – Azure DevOps Services Attack Toolkit

Azure DevOps Services Attack Toolkit – ADOKit is a toolkit that can be used to attack Azure DevOps Services by … 0 64
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Attackgen – Cybersecurity Incident Response Testing Tool That Leverages The Power Of Large Language Models And The Comprehensive MITRE ATT&CK Framework

AttackGen is a cybersecurity incident response testing tool that leverages the power of large language models and the comprehensive MITRE … 0 118
Downloads, Hacking Tools, Infosec, Infosec Reference, Malware Analysis, Reverse Engineering, Toolkit

Toolkit – The Essential Toolkit For Reversing, Malware Analysis, And Cracking

This tool compilation is carefully crafted with the purpose of being useful both for the beginners and veterans from the … 0 89
Chiasmodon, Downloads, Hacking Tools

Chiasmodon – An OSINT Tool Designed To Assist In The Process Of Gathering Information About A Target Domain

Chiasmodon is an OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) tool designed to assist in the process of gathering information about a target … 0 83
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ST Smart Things Sentinel – Advanced Security Tool To Detect Threats Within The Intricate Protocols utilized By IoT Devices

ST Smart Things Sentinel is an advanced security tool engineered specifically to scrutinize and detect threats within the intricate protocols … 0 66

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