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Graphcat – Generate Graphs And Charts Based On Password Cracking Result

Simple script to generate graphs and charts on hashcat (and john) potfile and ntds Install git clone graphcatpip install … 0 63
Azure-AccessPermissions, Downloads, Hacking Tools, Microsoft, PowerShell

Azure-AccessPermissions – Easy to use PowerShell script to enumerate access permissions in an Azure Active Directory environment

Easy to use PowerShell script to enumerate access permissions in an Azure Active Directory environment. Background details can be found … 0 76
cyber security, cybersecurity, Downloads, Hacking Tools, Infosec, Nidhogg, Redteam, Windows Rootkits

Nidhogg – All-In-One Simple To Use Rootkit For Red Teams

Nidhogg is a multi-functional rootkit for red teams. The goal of Nidhogg is to provide an all-in-one and easy-to-use rootkit … 0 67
Downloads, GodPotato, Hacking Tools, Privilege Escalation, Windows

GodPotato – Local Privilege Escalation Tool From A Windows Service Accounts To NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM

Based on the history of Potato privilege escalation for 6 years, from the beginning of RottenPotato to the end of … 0 95
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PentestGPT – A GPT-empowered Penetration Testing Tool

Common Questions Q: What is PentestGPT? A: PentestGPT is a penetration testing tool empowered by ChatGPT. It is designed to … 0 110
Downloads, Hacking Tools

Bootlicker – A Generic UEFI Bootkit Used To Achieve Initial Usermode Execution

bootlicker is a legacy, extensible UEFI firmware rootkit targeting vmware hypervisor virtual machines. It is designed to achieve initial code … 0 89
Burp-Dom-Scanner, Downloads, Hacking Tools, Single Page Applications, XSS Detection

Burp-Dom-Scanner – Burp Suite’s Extension To Scan And Crawl Single Page Applications

It’s a Burp Suite’s extension to allow for recursive crawling and scanning of Single Page Applications.It runs a Chromium browser … 0 23
Downloads, Hacking Tools

Platbox – UEFI And SMM Assessment Tool

UEFI and SMM Assessment Tool Features Platbox is a tool that helps assessing the security of the platform: Dumps the … 0 91
Downloads, Hacking Tools

EntropyReducer – Reduce Entropy And Obfuscate Youre Payload With Serialized Linked Lists

EntropyReducer: Reduce The Entropy Of Youre Payload And Obfuscate It With Serialized Linked Lists How Does It Work EntropyReducer algorithm … 0 73

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