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awsEnum – Enumerate AWS Cloud Resources Based On Provided Credential

Enumrate AWS services! with no nosies awsEnum is a python script enumrate AWS services through the provided credential. ▄▄▄▄▄▄ ▄ … 0 30
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SharpWSUS – CSharp tool for lateral movement through WSUS

SharpWSUS is a CSharp tool for lateral movement through WSUS. There is a corresponding blog ( which has more detailed … 0 30
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Jwtear – Modular Command-Line Tool To Parse, Create And Manipulate JWT Tokens For Hackers

A modular command-line tool to parse, create and manipulate JSON Web Token(JWT) tokens for security testing purposes. Features Complete modularity. … 0 41
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secureCodeBox (SCB) – Continuous Secure Delivery Out Of The Box

secureCodeBox is a kubernetes based, modularized toolchain for continuous security scans of your software project. Its goal is to orchestrate … 0 39
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EmoCheck – Emotet Detection Tool For Windows OS

Emotet detection tool for Windows OS. How to use Download EmoCheck from the Releases page. Run EmoCheck on the host. … 0 48
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Aiodnsbrute – DNS Asynchronous Brute Force Utility

A Python 3.5+ tool that uses asyncio to brute force domain names asynchronously. Speed It’s fast. Benchmarks on small VPS … 0 28
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Scout – Lightweight URL Fuzzer And Spider: Discover A Web Server’S Undisclosed Files, Directories And VHOSTs

Scout is a URL fuzzer and spider for discovering undisclosed VHOSTS, files and directories on a web server. A full … 0 52
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Nim-Loader – WIP Shellcode Loader In Nim With EDR Evasion Techniques

a very rough work-in-progress adventure into learning nim by cobbling resources together to create a shellcode loader that implements common … 0 50

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