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Kubeeye – Tool To Find Various Problems On Kubernetes, Such As Application Misconfiguration, Unhealthy Cluster Components And Node Problems

KubeEye is an inspection tool for Kubernetes to discover Kubernetes resources (by OPA ), cluster components, cluster nodes (by Node-Problem-Detector) … 0 69
Downloads, Hacking Tools, MSMAP, Tomcat, WebShell

MSMAP – Memory WebShell Generator

Msmap is a Memory WebShell Generator. Compatible with various Containers, Components, Encoder, WebShell / Proxy / Killer and Management Clients. … 0 77
Downloads, Hacking Tools, NTLM, Post-Exploitation, Proof Of Concept, SCCM, SharpSCCM

SharpSCCM – A C# Utility For Interacting With SCCM

SharpSCCM is a post-exploitation tool designed to leverage Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (a.k.a. ConfigMgr, formerly SCCM) for lateral movement and … 0 89
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Octopii – An AI-powered Personal Identifiable Information (PII) Scanner

Octopii is an open-source AI-powered Personal Identifiable Information (PII) scanner that can look for image assets such as Government IDs, … 0 99
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Scrcpy – Display And Control Your Android Device

pronounced “screen copy“ Read in another language This application provides display and control of Android devices connected via USB or … 0 104
Antivirus Evasion, Avevasion, Downloads, Ethicalhacking, Hacking Tools, Machine1337, Pycrypt, Windows11

Pycrypt – Python Based Crypter That Can Bypass Any Kinds Of Antivirus Products

Python Based Crypter That Can Bypass Any Kinds Of Antivirus Products Make Sure your payload file have all the libraries … 0 48
Downloads, Hacking Tools, Real-Time, Steganography, Stegowiper, Threat

Stegowiper – A Powerful And Flexible Tool To Apply Active Attacks For Disrupting Stegomalware

Over the last 10 years, many threat groups have employed stegomalware or other steganography-based techniques to attack organizations from all … 0 108
Downloads, Hacking Tools, Sandbox_Scryer, Threat Hunting, Windows

Sandbox_Scryer – Tool For Producing Threat Hunting And Intelligence Data From Public Sandbox Detonation Output

The Sandbox Scryer is an open-source tool for producing threat hunting and intelligence data from public sandbox detonation output The … 0 106

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