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Skype Log Viewer Download – View Logs on Windows

Skype Log Viewer allows you to download and view the Skype history and log files, on Windows, without actually downloading the Skype client itself.

Skype Log Viewer Download - View Logs on Windows

What does Skype Log Viewer do?

This program allows you to view all of your Skype chat logs and then easily export them as text files.

It correctly organizes them by conversation and makes sure that group conversations do not get jumbled with one on one chats.

Skype Log Viewer Features

  • Download Skype Logs
  • Broken Database Support
  • Change Export Format
  • Organized by conversation in Skype

It’s been a while since anything regarding Skype has been in the news, honestly, since Hangouts, Bluejeans, Appear.in, Facetime and all the other options have emerged I don’t think that many people are still using it – other than perhaps Skype for business.

There was a Skype worm WAY back in 2006 – Skype Worm in the Wild – W32.Chatosky

You can download Skype Log Viewer here:

Compiled – SkypeLogViewerLGGv1.3.exe
Source – skype-log-viewer-v1.3.zip

Or read more here.

Source : DarkNet

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