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Smartphone-controlled paper airplanes prove everything is better with Bluetooth

Adding Bluetooth, a propeller, and steering to a paper airplane is the future we always dreamed of. A Kickstarter project, PowerUp Dart, is a Bluetooth-enabled paper airplane kit that makes the 12-year-old in all of us smile. And so far, it’s raised over a million dollars in crowdfunding, with 7 days to go.

The Dart comes with a foldable template (or several depending on your level of support) and everything you’ll need to propel a paper airplane at speeds of up to 40 km/h (25 MPH) and land it safely. It has wing-stabilizers, landing gear, and a propeller. Best of all it can be controlled via gesture or through a game pad style interface, allowing it to perform tricks on command.

And in the event your Dart doesn’t make a smooth landing it’s built to withstand your inevitable crashes.

The PowerUp Dart Kickstarter campaign ends October 18th. And if you order before the campaign ends, you’re guaranteed to get yours before Christmas. Everyone else will have to wait until Spring.

Get yours here for $49.95.

Source : TNW

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