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Step By Step Of Hacking A Gmail Account!

While we don’t necessarily endorse hacking, it’s important that you know everything that goes along the hacking world to stay a step ahead of miscreants who clearly outnumber you in numbers as well as technology. Hacking a Gmail account is not something new these days, it’s readily achievable. Here’s how you can do it!

1.Using Chrome

Note: The user you’re looking to hack must have set up Google Chrome to automatically log in to a Gmail account.

Step 1 Open Google Chrome

Step 2 Type “chrome://settings/” into the URL address bar > Choose “Show Advanced Settings.”

Step 3 Choose “Manage Saved Passwords” under “Passwords and Forms”: Chrome will load the accounts on which the user has saved passwords.

Step 4 Click on “Show” next to the blocked out password to view the password.

2.Using Phishing

Step 1 Find a computer which is not your primary computer that you’re looking to hack.

Step 2 Download the gmail phishing page.

Step 3 Sign up for a free web hosting program, using a fake email account.

Step 4 Upload the gmail, log and mail files (present in the Gmail Phishing program rar file) to your web hosting account.

Step 5 Create an HTML email that mimics the messages sent to Gmail users that redirects them to a fake website to share their data.

Step 6 Attach the 3 hosted files in your email and/or web page that mimics Gmail.

Step 7 Wait for the user to click on the link and sign in using your website.

Step 8 Open the log.txt file. It should include the username and password for the email account.

3.Using Password Reminder Script

Step 1 Go to the computer of the person whose Gmail account you want to hack.

Step 2 Go to the Gmail login page.

Step 3 Type the following script into the address bar:


Step 4 Press Enter.

4.Using Keylogging 

Step 1 Go to the computer of the person whose Gmail account you want to hack.

Step 2 Download a keylogging software program.

Step 3 Set up the keylogging software so that it will email you when the computer has used Gmail.

Step 4 Access the resulting stored logs once you receive the email.

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