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The Perfect Napkin Fold For That Romantic Dinner This Valentine’s

While you would find a lot of recipes for Valentine’s Day Dinner, we plan to make the day more exciting and romantic for you.

Here in we tell you how you can fold the cloth napkin at your dinner table in the shape of a heart.

1. Take the cloth and lay it flat on a flat surface.

2. Now fold the napkin in half, bringing the top end towards the bottom.

3. After this, fold it upwards but don’t fold it completely, leave some of the cloth.
4. After this, keep your finger in the middle of the cloth and fold both the sides upwards so that they meet in the middle of the cloth where your finger is.

5. When you have a pointed edge at the upper end, just turn it over so that the pointed edge is at the bottom.

6. Now fold all the four corners to make four small triangles. Use an iron to firmly press the triangles, so that they don’t open up.

When you turn it over, your napkin would have the shape of a heart, and your dinner table would look much better. Needless to say, a red-colored napkin would look the best.

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