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Time to accept India’s web and video-conferencing app, Bharat Meet.

Bharat Meet is yet another video-calling app that competes against the likes of Zoom and Google Meet. Should you switch to Bharat Meet as your primary video-calling app?

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call to go ‘vocal for local’ coupled with anti-China sentiments has led to the rise in demand and popularity of home-grown apps. Bharat Meet is one such app that claims to be ‘India’s own web and video-conferencing app’, which is now taken as an alternative to zoom and google meet.

What is Bharat Meet?

Bharat Meet is a video-conference app developed by a Delhi-based company that lets users create or join an existing meeting. The app can be used to have one-to-one conversations or even a group video-call up to 150 participants at a time.

Not just video, the Bharat Meet app also lets users make audio voice calls, which can be handy in times of a patchy network. 

Like Zoom and many other video-calling apps, Bharat Meet is an option to chat via text with participants simultaneously during a call.

How does Bharat Meet work?

The mobile app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store on Android.

You do not need to create an account to initiate or join a video call.

To create a meeting, the user can go to the app and hit ‘create new meeting’. You will be then can share the meeting ID and the code with other participants and they can be able to join meeting by input their inviting code in text box and click on Join.

To join a meeting, just everything you need to done is do single click.

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