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Top 10 Time-Saving Instagram Automation Tools

Do you want to have more outcome of your Instagram activities without spending a lot of time?

Why Instagram?

Instagram is used by more than 1 billion people and checked by 500 million of them every day.

Instagram is one of the best social media platforms for businesses to increase their users, engagements, and their income.

Publishing continuous posts a day may seem rather a simple task. However, considering some items and be punctual make it more difficult to manage.

Since you should know the best times to publish posts, what beautiful pictures are to be shared, hashtags quality, what a perfect caption with significant call-to-action is, etc. in addition, you have to perform this process every single day for a while regularly.

Instagram automation helps you to get ahead of the completion in getting more exposure and gaining more followers. The more followers you have on social media, the more money you can make. Many of influencers try to automate their Instagram activities to economize their business.

According to Social Tradia blog, many influencers use automation tools to increase their followers and engagement rates to be able to put their IG accounts for sales. Of course, that will make their accounts more valuable. So automation on Instagram happens to be an effective means of establishing a brand and making more money.

Fortunately, according to new Instagram’s API, you are allowed to auto-publish to Instagram with licensed partners, and then you don’t have to manage it manually.

All you need is the choosing the right automation tools to save your time, content-sharing plan in advance, and publish automatically.

Top Automation tools for Instagram

1.     SproutSocial



SproutSocial is a tool for scheduling, publishing, saving drafts, and organizing the posts queue. You can plan, categorize, post social content, arrange campaigns, and monitor profiles and locations by SproutSocial cross-network scheduling tool.

  • SproutSocial has features like content tagging for the incoming and outgoing messages, special workflows, suggested replies, digital investments, and a source of content.
  • Its conversation management feature lets you track campaign performance and identifying, specifying, and answering to received messages spontaneously.

2.     Combin Scheduler



Combin Scheduler is the platform for scheduling and instant posting for personal use and small to medium businesses. You will get fully content planning and automated publishing for Instagram will allow you to edit the image size on Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu platforms.

  • You can edit image size, tag location, and users, manage and mention hashtags & accounts, upload links in bio, and many stories.
  • The free version is limited to manage one Instagram account with three Instagram posts and fifteen stories per week.

3.     SEMrush



SEMrush social media tool helps you discover your competitor’s strategies. Its functions are to plan, post via five social networks, edit images, shorten links, and make UTM.

  • SEMrush tool’s functionality is to automate posting, tracking, and offering promotions on major social networks.
  • The tool helps you analyze your social activities.

4.     Tailwind



Tailwind can be used on desktop, cellphone app, or tablet. You can plan your Instagram feed via 9 grid then the tool’s drag-and-drop smart calendar schedule sharing posts, videos, and stories automatically.

  • It’s features planned to schedule posts, discover content, analyze trends, monitor comments, and keep track of the results.
  • Tailwind Hashtag Finder suggests proper hashtags to you. Also using the pre-saved hashtags into posts is an easy process.

5.     Sendible



Sendible offers a forum for handling social media and introducing brands on social media. It offers planning, coordination, communication, etc.

Its functionalities for the management of the products allow you to share schedule individual posts, in mass or in line.

  • The tool will allow you to send reports automatically on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to the owners, team members, or users.
  • Sendible’s clients’ personal dashboards option helps you organize your work.

6.     Sked Social

sked social

sked social

Sked Social is an Instagram scheduler for automatic scheduling shared posts, planning feeds, reposting, robust reporting, and analyzing.

  • Sked Social lets you collaborate with team members.
  • It includes drag & drop visual grid planner, high uploading possibility, professional photo editor, and hashtag manager.

7.     Onlypult



Onlypult is a social media management tool that manages multiple accounts from one window at the same time without switching needs. This tool contains various characteristics like calendar, hashtags recommendation, results in analytics, image & video editor, planning, etc.

  • Onlypult has features to schedule posts and publish them in real-time.
  • It helps to assign the best time to publish to grow traffic.

8.     Hootsuite



Hootsuite keeps your social presence active 24 * 7 by automated social media posting. It has a schedule, content creation, social monitoring, and tracking integrations. High volume posts schedule facility includes the software to download, edit, and schedule CSV-format messages.

  • It offers an engaging, content-rich planner that will let you check your scheduled streamline approvals, and collaborate with your team members in real-time at a glance.
  • There are features like creating search streams by hashtag or location and content library for content enrichment.

9.     Later



Later is an Instagram scheduler. It provides the visual content calendar for planning, Instagram analytics, content generation, and Instagram stories.

  • There is a feed preview option before posting.
  • It suggests proper hashtags.

10. Buffer



Buffer is the social media platform for scheduling, using tags, offering automation rules, providing reports and analytics, etc. you can create a publishing schedule for each specific social account. This platform allows you to build your brand on your account too.

  • Buffer offers tools and functionality for developing impressive content, team management, and social media marketing campaigns.
  • Team coordination function allows you to work with your team, plan for updates and approvals, remain organized, and manage your accounts.


If you want to be consistent and keep the balance with your posting program, Instagram Schedulers will help you the most and save a lot of time.

To find your Instagram content planning solutions, the above-mentioned tools are our top recommendations. These tools are available in different price ranges per month but some of them offer free and/or cost-effective plans.

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