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Windows 10 Upgrade Will be Free for Illegal and Pirated Copies

We all know that Windows will be releasing free upgrade for Windows 8 and Windows 7 users. Today Microsoft announced that it will be releasing its most advanced operating system this summer. But, in an unexpected statement, Terry Myerson, Microsoft’s Windows chief said in an interview with Reuters that it will be providing free Windows 10 to software pirates.

In an interview with Reuters, Windows Chief said:

“….offering free upgrades to Windows 10 to all Windows users, regardless of whether they are running genuine copies of the software.”

This means that millions of users running the pirated Windows copy will be able to avail the free upgrade offer. With this step, Microsoft wishes to re-engage the users. This is an unexpected step from Microsoft that has been thinking of the long term prospects.

Today Microsoft announced that Windows 10 will be arriving this summer, earlier than expected October launch. Back in January, Microsoft announced that it will be releasing Windows 10 for free to all PCs running Windows 7 and Windows 8. This free offer is valid just for a year, after that users will have to pay some undisclosed amount of yearly subscription fee.

In another interesting development, Microsoft is partnering with Xiaomi to test ROM based software to convert Android Phones to Windows phones.

Microsoft also said that it is partnering with Lenovo to provide Windows 10 upgrade services at its 2,500 centers.

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