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17 year old school boy arrested for Creating Malware that steals Cryptocurrency Wallet Private key passwords


A 17-year-old schoolboy arrested by Japanese police expecting to be the author of a Malware that steals Cryptocurrency Monacoin wallet Private key passwords. He targetted Monacoin a cryptocurrency based on Japanese text and it is quite familiar in Japan.

“Japanese police said he created the malware last year October to steal the cryptocurrency wallet passwords and transfer currencies to another account. He is partially denying the charges saying it was intentional.”

Authorities stated that the trojanized app is a bulletin board to view the Monacoin currency exchange rate in real time. Reported Mainichi.

An employee (31) in Edogawa-Ku, Tokyo downloads and install the app immediately after the boy’s post, later he noticed 170 Monacoin (equivalent to about 15,000 yen at that rate) was stolen from his account.

Last month Kane Gamble who is the leader of the hacking group “Crackas With Attitude” used social engineering methods to pose as a CIA director John Brennan’s and to gain unauthorized access to Extremely Sensitive accounts.

Fappening Hacker George Garofano,26 plead guilty in Federal court for conducting a Spear Phishing attack to obtain the username and password of Celebrities iCloud accounts.

Source : GBHackers

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