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6 Things We Loved About ORKUT #LASTLOGIN

As we all know that Orkut is going to shut forever on 30 September 2014. Google completed its 10 years this year, after launching its first social networking platform. Created by a GOOGLE employee Orkut Büyükkökten. While Facebook and Twitter hit the pavilion, Orkut stands like a long eroded history. That’s why, Google finally announced Orkut’s sad demise. Orkut was once a giant in social networking, But it became unpopular with other sites coming by alongside privacy, spamming, and security issues.
Before we say goodbye once and for all, let’s, see why we will miss our dear, Orkut.

1.Ratings and Crush lists.
There was a time when Orkut had an interesting feature where you could add your friend to your crush list and even rate the person and if your crush added you to his/her list, you would both get a notification informing of the same.
Sweet dating no?
Orkut Scrapbooks definitely added a lot of color and fun to our lives. Users could post scraps within different format of animation, pictures… just like our childhood scrapbook.


This is one thing we really miss in today’s social networking sites: themes. You could make your Orkut account as colourful as you wanted it to be. Personalized touch.
4.Recent Visitors
You could see who’s checking your profile.
Oh the moment of joy when your old friend and crush’s name appeared in the list. That feel… Ayee..!!
The testimonial feature was a definite way of knowing actually did care for us..We got our best friends to write awesome things about us that was the trend of orkut days.
Ooh.. my tears are running out.
6.The Writing Fonts
The writing fonts were coolest at that time. People used to write their name is such fonts it was really hard to understand sometimes.
“Goodbye Good Old Orkut – #LastLogin”.
As I take a tour to the last login, there ain’t a site that can bring our good old memories back, like this one.


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