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Microsoft Windows 9 Coming on September 30 with Attractive Offers for Existing Users

The tech world is abuzz with the reports that tech giant Microsoft’s next Operating System, which is being dubbed as Windows 9 or Windows Threshold, will be available for free download to certain existing Windows users.

According to reports available on multiple tech sites, the upcoming platform will be available for download free of charge to the Windows 8.  Several other reports also suggest that the tech giant is also considering to woo existing Windows XP users with special offers.

An Indonesian online publication Detik quoted Microsoft Indonesia President Andreas Diantoro as saying that the Windows 9 upgrade will be available for free to all existing Windows 8 users following its release.

The reports also indicated that the Windows users will be able to easily install the new Windows 9 OS update from the Microsoft website. Few reports have also suggested that Microsoft has already planned a tool that will help Windows users to easily perform software updates.

According to the insiders, the US-based company is likely to make the official launch of Windows 9 during a special event on September 30.

Many sites have come up with the leaked reports of the probable features of the Windows 9. If rumours are to be believed, the Microsoft wants to reintroduce some of its successful features, like start button, which had earned enough appreciation for the company but was removed from Windows OS’ previous two versions- Windows 8 and Windows Vista.

Experts say after the poor response to Windows 8, Microsoft’s upcoming OS will be a very important release for the company as well as the tech world.

Some of the leaked featured of Windows 9 include:

  • Start menu: Windows 9 is likely to witness the return of a Start menu on the Desktop. Reports suggest that the the left side will look like the standard Start menu of Windows 7. However, the right side will have the option of being populated with Metro-style live tiles. Menu’s left side will adopt a new Metro-like look.
  • Virtual desktops: The users of Windows 9 will have the option of using virtual desktops. Currently, the users have the option of one desktop per monitor. But with the advent of virtual desktops, the users can switch between as many desktops as they wish.
  • Metro applications: Windows 9 will allow users to run Metro applications on the Desktop in a window.
  • Desktop interface overhaul: The Windows 9 Desktop is likely to get a graphical overhaul so as to make it even flatter.
  • Removal of Metro interface: The working experience on Windows 9 might be formally split into two: firstly a Metro-only experience for touchscreen or tablet users and a Desktop-only experience for mouse-and-keyboard users.
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