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8 Good Video Tutorials On Kali Linux For Beginners

Video tutorials are good to get those basics right. There is simply so much to learn with Kali Linux, get started now…

Kali Linux is the de facto holy grail as far as security distros are concerned. There is simply no better choice for security pros/hackers to learn/preach and practice their hacking/security skills than Kali. If you’re looking to make those hacking skills sharp and good, try Kali Linux and the tools embedded within will keep you occupied for good.

2. Installing and Configuring Kali Linux 

3. Install Kali Linux in VirtualBox 

4. Kali Linux Tutorial – Security by Penetration Testing

5. Cracking / Hacking WEP WiFi with Kali Linux 

6. Cracking WEP with Kali Linux 

7. WPA WPA2 WiFi Hacking in kali linux

8. Kali Linux Sniffing 


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