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Adobe Fixes Gaping Vulnerability Glitches in 14 Software Products

Adobe recently released a collection of emergency patches with remedies for over 90 tabulated vulnerabilities that endanger Linux, macOS, and Windows users, exposing them to cruel cybercriminal attacks. The security limitations affect various popular products like Adobe Premiere, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, and Adobe Photoshop. 

Adobe confirmed 92 dangers in all the products and observed that over 60 of those limitations could contain code implementation risks. Adobe discharged separate warnings detailing the vulnerabilities documented in Adobe Photoshop, SDK, XMP Toolkit, InDesign, Premiere Elements, Animate, Premiere Pro, Media Encoder, Illustrator, Lightroom Classic, Prelude, Animation, Character, Bridge, Audition, and Adobe After Effects. Sixty-one vulnerabilities have been identified as unforeseen hazardous code implementation problems. Five memory exposures have been regarded as critical.  

Worth mentioning is that Adobe highlighted Critical intensity ratings to matters to do with CVSS ratings that usually correlate with overly high severity flaws. 

Adobe says it is yet to learn about any of these attacks relying upon various vulnerabilities and, depending on the preference ratings it has allocated to them. Adobe does not foresee possible exploitation in the future.

Source : HackerCombat

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