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AMD’s Zen-based Athlon 200GE brings Vega graphics to budget PCs

AMD HAS BUDGET PC FANS in its sights with the Athalon 200GE, Zen-based processors mixed with Radeon 3 Vega graphics.

Since Ryzen chips made their debut early last year, AMD has made quite a comeback in the mid to high-end processor market, with processors locking horns with some of the best slices of silicon Intel had to offer.

But before that, AMD had arguably languished in the budget section of the processor world, with its chipsets appealing more to Team Red fans and people who used apps that could tap into the processors’ propensity for multi-threaded tasks.

While the Ryzen chips are now firmly in the same arena as Intel’s processors it looks like AMD isn’t going to ignore the budget end, which is probably why it has the Athlon 200GE.

With two cores and four threads and a clockspeed of 3.2GHz, the reimagined Athlon chip isn’t going to be challenging Ryzen or many of Intel’s Core CPUs, but it could appeal to people wanting to build a PC with some graphical chops on a budget; the chip is just $55 in the US.

Such a chip could be used to create a mini media centre PC to sit alongside a TV and help stream content around a home without sucking up loads of power. The thermal design power of the Athlon 200GE comes in at 35W so it should be pretty frugal on power consumption, though it’s not up there with the likes of Intel’s new Whiskey Lake laptop processors.

Alongside the new consumer Athlon chip, AMD also revealed Pro variants of its chip family, which run from the Athlon Pro 200GE to the Ryzen 7 Pro 2700X, a processor that sports eight cores and 16 threads and can clock up to 4.1GHz.

All in all, AMD is looking in rude health, and expanding its range of processors SoCs will see it keep Intel on its toes, which should, in turn, drive more innovation in the CPU world. µ

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