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Anonymous leak high level top secret data of Canadian government

Anonymous leak second tranche of top secret document belonging to Government of Canada

Continuing their online protest against the Canadian government, hacktivist belonging to the Anonymous collective have leaked another high-level federal document about the redevelopment of Canada’s key diplomatic centres in Britain.

The above leak is the second one made by Anonymous and is marked as “secret” and marked “confidence of the Queen’s Privy Council,” discusses government cost overruns — but an eventual anticipated profit — from the Department of Foreign Affairs’ selling, relocating and refurbishing of Canada’s diplomatic buildings in London, one of its last major acts under former minister John Baird.

The document belongs to the Treasury Board of Canada and is dated Feb. 6, 2014. The earlier documents released by Anonymous revealed the closely guarded secret of the specific size of Canadian Security Intelligence Service’s network of foreign stations and problems with their outdated cyber security.

“They have their best people on it.… It’s a bit of a black eye on public sector security,” said the source on condition they not be named. Federal authorities are comparing versions of the documents and scanning for discrepancies that may help track down from whose hands it may have slipped. “It just goes to show, you have to do more to keep things secure,” said the government source.

The source also acknowledged that the documents leaked by Anonymous as authentic. The government source also dismissed conspiracy claims made by the activists, including any claim the diplomatic moves were linked to CSIS and spying, as “wholly false.”

Anonymous have stated that they have many more such documents and have promised to release one tranche at a time to mount pressure the Canadian government over the fatal shooting of a protester in B.C. and the passing of Bill C-51, the controversial anti-terrorism bill that gave expanded powers to police and Canada’s spy agency.

Lisa Murphy, spokeswoman for the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat, did not answer specific questions about the documents.

“We do not comment on leaked documents. The Government of Canada is committed to sound stewardship and information-management practices,” she said. “We are continuously taking measures to ensure the safeguarding of our information holdings. The Treasury Board Secretariat is committed to protecting classified information on its networks.”

The government source said that the matter is being investigated by the police.

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