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Another Government Site of Bangladesh Shotted down by Zukr@in : A rising Indian Hacker

They Call it  “Cyber war” – but In actual they are destroying Cyber Space of their own Country by Defacing Sites for a matter that can’t be solved by Ministry like this. The cyber attacks was started two days back from both sides.Indian Hacking Group Indian Haxors Team ! become active once again against Bangladesh Hackers.
The whole issue of these Hacks by Indian Hackers are because of Payback to hacking Indian Sites by Bangladesh Hackers.


This time “Bangladesh Madrasah Education Board” : shotted down.
In Return Indian hackers hacked a little over 5 government websites of Bangladesh in past days.
This time The official website of “Copyright Office Official Website” was hacked by a hackers going with the handles Zukr@in!, A 16 year old Indian hacker

Zukr@in! who is a very teenage hacker in the team of Indian Haxors Team !, alone hacked into several pakistan and bangalesh website just for payback to hacking Indian sites. 


Zukr@in! said that ” This is not a warning This is a Security alarm for all those hackers who just want to hack Indian sites. He added stop hacking Indian sites Otherwise you all will be Shotted down!


Now the website got recovered and again is in running condition. 😀

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