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Bangladesh Copyright Office Official website Hacked

Indian Hackers have struck yet again. They have hacked Bangladesh govt Copyright Office official website. They have warned Bangladesh hackers to stop hacking Indian Websites or the hacking would multiply.

They are probably the best Hackers of India, you should like their page at Indian Hacker’s Online Squad (i-HOS). They got it into bangalesh website yet again.

They have also posted the Boss songs From the movie “Boss”  on the page, as soon as you enter the page, it starts with Song. Share this amazing news with everyone. You can check the real website here.

So, the Indian Hackers did it again, and this time its Bangadesh Copyright Office yes they chosen this website Bangladesh government to hack, in reply for hacking Indian websites.

This time, Song is playing at the background when the website opens.

Interestingly, it seems it is the same hacker group that had hacked the official website of Pakistan-People’s-Party(PPP), Pakistan Railway Website, City District Govt. RawalPindi Website

This time The official website of “Copyright Office Official Website” was hacked by a hackers going with the handles of Bl@Ck Dr@GoN & Zukr@in

Website was hacked on 15th October, 2014, left with a deface page and a message as written below: 


What’s up Sheikh Mujibur Rahman ?? Shocked ??

Warning for you fucking Hackers of Bangladesh :p .. Who are script kiddies actually !!! ! Stop HACKING Indian Websites !! This just a beggining of a War with Bangladesh !
Beaware ! Otherwise you all will be Shotted down!
Stop Defacing Indian ! websites !
This is not a warning Just a security alrm for you all !.
Special Greetz to my Sur ji -> Mr.7r1(k3r


At the time of posting this article the website is still defaced . This would be quite an interesting and non-violence reply from IHOS hackers.

Website is defaced by the only  a 16 years old boy Zukr@in! and a well named hacker of IHOS named Bl@Ck Dr@GoN

Zukr@in! who is a very teenage hacker in the team of IHOS , alone hacked into several pakistan and bangalesh website just for payback to hacking Indian sites. 

Zukr@in! said that ” This is not a warning This is a Security alarm for all those hackers who just want to hack Indian sites. He added stop hacking Indian sites Otherwise you all will be Shotted down!

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