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Apple will snaffle power management patents and engineers from Dialog for £453m

APPLE IS BUYING PATENTS critical to the power management tech used in its iDevices as part of a $600m (£453m) deal with Dialog Semiconductor.

Cupertino will snaffle up the patents, along with a 300-strong team of engineers, from the Anglo-German company.

And the amount of money Apple is splurging on the deal makes it one of the largest Tim Cook’s firm has done.

But the deal will see Apple have the opportunity to bring the creation of the power-management tech that it’s been using in its chips since the very first iPhone in-house, thereby bolstering its ambitions to fully create its own chips.

“Our relationship with Dialog goes all the way back to the early iPhones, and we look forward to continuing this long-standing relationship with them,” said Johny Srouji, Apple’s senior vice president of hardware technologies and overseer of Cupertino’s chip designing.

For Dialog, the injection of cash will shore-up its position in the European chip market and it will continue working with Apple given half of the deal was a pre-payment for the supply of power-management chips for the next three years; the other half was to pay for the engineers when the transaction closes in the first half of 2019.

All this points towards Apple doubling down on its efforts to design and build its own custom chips without fretting on infringing the patents of other tech firms or forking out perpetual license fees.

And given that Apple has come up with the rather impressive A12 Bionic chip, there’s a good chance that having more patents and engineering expertise, the Cupertino lot could come up with some very interesting slices of silicon. But we’ll likely have to wait a few years to see if that comes into fruition. µ

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Source : Inquirer

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