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Bad Rabbit Ransomware hits Ukraine and Russia

A number of State Institutions of Ukraine and Russia were attacked on Tuesday, October 24, by a new ransomware Bad Rabbit.

The Russian News Agency, the Ukrainian Ministry of Infrastructure, the Ukrainian State Aviation Service, Computer System of Ukranian Metropoliten, as well as information system of the International irport “Odessa” became victims of the virus. Most likely, the list of victims will be increased.
The attackers ask their victims to follow the link leading to the onion website. After that it automatically starts the time counter.

Hackers further demands to transfer them 0.05 BTC otherwise they will destroy all the encrypted information.

According to experts of the company Group-IB noted that attack was most likely prepared for several days. Specialists found 2 javascripts on the website of attackers, one of them was updated several days ago, on October 19.

In addition, security experts of companies ESET and Kaspersky Lab found that Malware is spreading through the fake file for Adobe Flash updates and users manually install themselves.

Specialist of Cyberintelligence Andrew Masalovich take this attack as politically unmotivated and pure extortion.

– Christina


Source : EHackingNews

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