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Canada’s Intelligence Agency Releases Malware Detection and Analysis tool for Public

malware detection

Communications Security Establishment (CSE) released malware detection and analysis tool(Assemblyline) for public use.This tool was developed within CSE’s Cyber Defence program to identify and analyze malicious files as they are received.

The release of Assemblyline is an opportunity for the cybersecurity community to take what CSE has developed and built upon it to benefit all Canadians.

Assemblyline developed with open source software it can be easily integrated cyber defense architecture. it is an open source so we can customize based on our requirement.

It was developed in the way to automate the file analysis and the tool is capable of handling large volume data and to rebalance workload. users are allowed to add Antivirus and other security products analytics with Assemblyline.

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How does it Work with malware detection?

  • Assemblyline generates information about each file and assigns a unique identifier that travels with the file as it flows through the system.
  • Users can add their own analytics, which we refer to as services, to Assemblyline. The services selected by the user in Assemblyline then analyze the files, looking for an indication of maliciousness and/or extracting features for further analysis.
  • The system can generate alerts about a malicious file at any point during the analysis and assigns the file a score.
  • The system can also trigger automated defensive systems to kick in. Malicious indicators generated by the system can be distributed to other defence systems.
  • Assemblyline recognizes when a file has been previously analysed.
Assemblyline minimizes the number of non-malicious files that analysts have to manually inspect and allows users to focus their time and attention on the most harmful files.

It decreases a number of non-malicious files that security investigators have to inspect and allows users to focus their time and concentration on the most harmful files.

It is available to download from BitBucket an open-source software repository available to everyone with an account.

Source : GBHackers

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