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Chinese hackers target Taiwan cyber system!

A group of Chinese hackers, of late, has ganged up to spoil the cyber system in Taiwan if the US defense experts are to be believed. The cyber experts claim to have discovered the breakthrough recently as they hunkered down at a recent conclave with their counterparts in Taiwan.

Initially, the Chinese hackers deployed the network in question, in Virginia and Williamsburg as these places hosted the brainstorming conclave of the defense experts. They observed that the dangerous attempt initially took place on an email from China where the recipients were asked to open the particular message containing the malicious software. The moment one opens the message the hackers get the easy access to the entire network available on the personal computer.

A section of defense experts who attended the US-Taiwan Business Association conference said these hackers have been targeting their organization for the last couple of years forcing them to be more vigilant.

All suspicious messages have to be properly scanned to avoid the impending danger. Some experts in the conclave claimed to have received these disruptive emails before forwarding these to the cybersecurity experts.

According to an expert who has been firmly dealing with the hackers, the evidence is insufficient to directly talk of the Chinese hackers. But, the expert, claimed to have identified some factors to establish, beyond doubt, that the hackers hail from China since the malware in question bears Chinese features. None but the Chinese hackers are in the possession of that particular malware.

Of late, Taiwan’s democracy starts posing a huge challenge for China and that’s why Chinese cyber hackers can be deployed to counter the new threat from the end of Taiwan, said another defense expert who further heaped praise on the country for possessing huge network potentials.

These schemes of things indeed have forced Taiwan to formulate a slew of strategies to ensure a massive cybersecurity and vigil. The country is in a process to get a special cyber security cell to keep the Chinese cyber hackers at bay since these elements have been targeting Taiwan more than what they did to the US and Hong Kong.

Source : EHackingNews

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