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Currency Stealer Malware “ComboJack” Targets Online Wallets by Replacing Clipboard(Copy&paste) Addresses

Currency Stealer Malware

Don’t forget to check destination wallet before completing the transaction, a new currency stealer malware detected targetting online wallets and cryptocurrencies.

The combojack malware targets a range of cryptocurrencies along with the Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, and Litecoin. It functions by replacing the clipboard address with the address of the attacker. As a result, funds will be added to attacker’s wallet.

Security researchers from paloaltonetworks detected this currency stealer malware dubbed ComboJack. It’s functionalities similar to CryptoShuffler but CryptoShuffler focuses only on cryptocurrencies whereas ComboJack focuses on online digital wallets and cryptocurrencies.

How the Currency Stealer Malware Distributed

Cybercriminals employees social engineering methods to distribute the malware, with this particular campaign attackers tempt the users “claiming a passport was lost and that the attached PDF contained a scanned copy of the document“.

When users opened the PDF file it contains only a single line of text and it refers to embedded RTF file that remote objects that exploit the CVE-2017-8579 vulnerability, downloads and execute the final payload ComboJack.

Currency stealer Malware

The malware remains persistent by adding the registry keys and for every half second, it checks for the contents of the clipboard that stores data copied data.

Researchers said, “In the event, a wallet of interest is discovered, ComboJack will replace it with a hardcoded wallet that the attacker presumably owns in an attempt to have the victim accidentally send money to the wrong location”.

As the value of cryptocurrencies in raise attackers find new innovative methods to steal cryptocurrencies from victims wallets and to mine cryptocurrencies by using users resources.


Lure PDFs:


Source : GBHackers

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